Tensions linger over discovery of coronavirus

  title={Tensions linger over discovery of coronavirus},
  author={Declan Butler},
  • D. Butler
  • Published 14 January 2013
  • Business
  • Nature
A continuing row pits researchers against authorities in Saudi Arabia, where deadly pathogen was first isolated. 

Triumphs, trials, and tribulations of the global response to MERS coronavirus

Host responses to Infection The emergence of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus ( MERS-CoV )

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MERS coronavirus: diagnostics, epidemiology and transmission

While the basic virology of MERS-CoV has advanced over the past three years, understanding of the interplay between camel, environment, and human remains limited.

The emergence of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus

The emergence of a second highly pathogenic coronavirus within a decade highlights the importance of a coordinated global response incorporating reservoir surveillance, high‐containment capacity with fundamental and applied research programs, and dependable communication pathways to ensure outbreak containment.

MERS and global health governance

The current outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is used to examine global health governance’s history, evolution, and status within the political science literature to examine both how the system operates and what its shortcomings are.

Responsible innovation in synthetic biology in response to COVID-19: the role of data positionality

The data that underpin synthetic biology responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are analyzed as positional information goods—goods whose value depends on exclusivity.

Portable sequencing, genomic data, and scale in global emerging infectious disease surveillance

A conception of a globally integrated stream of sequencing data as composed mostly of “noise” within which signals of pathogen “emergence” are “hidden” is called into question, considering it instead from the perspective of recent work into more‐than‐human geographies.