Tension-sensitive kinetochore phosphorylation in vitro.

  title={Tension-sensitive kinetochore phosphorylation in vitro.},
  author={R. Bruce Nicklas and Michael S. Campbell and Stephen Geoffrey Ward and Gary J Gorbsky},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={111 ( Pt 21)},
Many cells have a checkpoint that detects a single misattached chromosome and delays anaphase, allowing time for error correction. Detection probably depends on tension-sensitive kinetochore protein phosphorylation. Somehow, mechanical tension, or some consequence of tension, produces a chemical change, dephosphorylation. The mechanism of tension-mediated dephosphorylation can be approached using an in vitro system. Earlier work showed that the kinetochores of washed chromosomes from a… CONTINUE READING


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