Tensegrity Systems: The State of the Art

  title={Tensegrity Systems: The State of the Art},
  author={Rene Motro},
  journal={International Journal of Space Structures},
  pages={75 - 83}
  • R. Motro
  • Published 1 June 1992
  • Materials Science
  • International Journal of Space Structures
Tensegrity systems are space structures of a special nature and their industrial use has not yet been fully developed. The article describes the state of the art. The systems examined are geometrically and mechanically complex. Solutions have been found for some of the problems and others require development. A large set of references identifies the main contributions of researchers encouraging the designing of tensegrity systems open up new prospects for construction and application. 
Definitions and Feasibility Studies of Tensegrity Systems
In this paper, the developments concerning tensegrity are briefly reviewed. The concept of tensegrity is systematically redefined. The concept is then expanded to cable-strut systems. The feasibility
All About Tensegrity
  • B. Gan
  • Materials Science
    Computational Modeling of Tensegrity Structures
  • 2019
At the beginning of this chapter, the definition, concept, and applications of a tensegrity structure in the various fields of engineering and science are presented briefly. The computational aspects
On the Movement of Tensegrity Structures
We study in this paper the feasibility of a moving tensegrity structure having some of its elements actuated. In this way two different approaches are presented. First, a realization of a tensegrity
A Survey of the Computational Modeling and Control of Tensegrity Robots
For decades, tensegrity structures have been recognized primarily as an art form and an architectural style. In the last 15 years, however, roboticists and biologists have taken a keen interest in
Static Balancing of Tensegrity Mechanisms
The computation of the equilibrium configurations of tensegrity mechanisms is often a very tedious task even for relatively simple architectures. However, it has been observed that the complexity of
The Cocoon Method: A Physical Modelling Tool for Designing Tensegrity Systems
Although the invention of Tensegrities dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, applications of this structural form are scarce, due to the lack of analytical and practical tools
Construction et caractérisation d'une structure active de type tenségrité
ABSTRACT Until now, only few tensegrity full-scale structures have been built and tested. This paper presents the tensegrity structure that was built and tested at EPFL. It describes a geometric and
Tensegrity structures : form-finding, modelling, structural analysis, design and control
A new algorithm for the form-finding of tensegrity structures is proposed and a new design approach towards the physical realization of these structures using novel concepts that have not been hitherto investigated in the available literature on this subject is proposed.
Bistable regimes in an elastic tensegrity system
  • A. Micheletti
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2013
Tensegrity systems are prestressed frameworks composed of bars and cables. A particular elastic tensegrity system is examined. This system can be bistable in two fundamentally different ways, one


Determinate Tensegric Shells
Tensegric shells are a new type of reticulated structure: they are comprised of a net of cables and bars. There is one bar at a node, and no bar touches another and the structure comprises no
Determinate Tensegric Shell
In this work the behavior of a determinate tensegric shell when it is prestressed and under external load is studied and the shell properties are considered.
Analyse théorique et expérimentale des systèmes réticulés spatiaux autocontraints : incidence du niveau d'autocontrainte
Les travaux de recherche presentes dans ce memoire portent sur l'analyse theorique et experimentale des systemes reticules spaciaux autocontraints. La rigidite de ces systemes innovants resulte d'une
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