Tensegrity Structures Research Evolution

  title={Tensegrity Structures Research Evolution},
  author={Cornel Sultan},
  journal={Proceedings of the 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control},
  • C. Sultan
  • Published 1 December 2006
  • Education
  • Proceedings of the 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
The paper traces down the roots of the first man-made objects which resemble what are nowadays known as tensegrity structures and then shows how the tensegrity concept evolved, finding increasingly large audiences in engineering, mathematics, and biology 

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Modelling and Control of Tensegrity Structures

Two general formulations are presented, both DAEs and ODEs, which have the ability to choose the position on rods the translational coordinates should point to, and further constrain some, or all of these coordinates depending on how the structural system should appear.

Transformation experiment of a tensegrity structure using wires as actuators

The tensegrity structure is made of rigid bars and flexible wires, and can maintain its shape when the members of the structure are balanced. The tensegrity structure can be deformed by changing the

Modelling and control of non-minimal non-linear realisations of tensegrity systems

A Lyapunov-based approach creates a non-linear feedback control law exploring the tools of linear algebra due to the linearity of the model on a new set of transformed control variables.

Deformation of a Tensegrity Structure Using Tendon Actuators

The tensegrity structure is made of some rigid bars and flexible wires, and can maintain its shape when the members of the structure are balanced. The tensegrity structure can be deformed by changing

Dynamic stability analysis of tensegrity systems

Abstract The present paper discusses the possible existence of elastic dynamic instabilities appearing during non-linear dynamic response of tensegrity systems such as tripod simplex and Geiger dome.

On the minimal mass reinforcement of masonry structures with arbitrary shapes

The approach proposed in this paper includes an explicit determination of the state of prestress to be applied to tensile reinforcements, in order that they are effective under pre-existing loading conditions.

Active tendon control of a Geiger dome

This paper investigates the nonlinear modeling of a smart tensegrity structure of Geiger’s type with active damping using pairs of displacement actuator and force sensor, collocated at the lower end

Masters Thesis: Modeling and Control of Novel Tensegrity Joint Based on TCPM

This thesis presents modeling and control of novel tensegrity joint based on Twisted and Coiled Polymer Muscle (TCPM) that is biologically inspired by the human elbow. The tensegrity principle that

Tensegrity Models and Shape Control of Vehicle Formations

This work derives provable, distributed control laws for stabilizing and changing the shape of a formation of vehicles in the plane from dynamic models of tensegrity structures, and provides a smooth map from any desired planar formation shape to a planar tenseGrity structure.



The architecture of life.

  • D. Ingber
  • Materials Science
    Scientific American
  • 1998
The role of tensegrity in the architecture of organic structures is examined. Topics include a definition of tensegrity, principles of tensegrity applied to the skeleton and cytoskeleton, mechanics

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Tensegrity Systems

The present article concerns the experimental and theoretical study of Tensegrity Systems and deals with static and dynamic analysis.

Fuller On Tensegrity

I first learned of Fuller's tensegrity structures when he came to Cornell University in the spring of 1952 to conduct a four week course for the fourth year class in architecture. During the

Structural Morphology Of Tensegrity Systems

The birth of the idea which led to tensegrity systems is described and form-finding methods which are necessary to reach a morphology compatible with mechanical requirements are described.

Emmerich On Self-Tensioning Structures

The discovery of self-tensining structures was not haphazard, but was aimed at finding a kind of an alveolar, or even foldable, floor-decks for my "Logemobile" project which I started studying in

Deployment of tensegrity structures

Integrated Design of Controllable Tensegrity Structures

Tensegrity structures represent a special class of spatial structures, having a continuous network of members in tension and a discontinuous network of members in compression. These members can


This article focuses on the methodology of modeling and how it can be applied to philosophical questions. It looks at various traditional views of modeling and defends the idea that modeling is a