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Tense and aspect systems

  title={Tense and aspect systems},
  author={{\"O}sten Dahl},
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1. Meaning and construal Few values in natural language are autonomously determined by, or reflexive of, physical aspects of the speech environment. Conversely, the logical representation ofExpand
Chapter 5. Perfects in Baltic and Slavic
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A morpho-semantic analysis of the persistive, alterative and inceptive aspects in siSwati
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Developments in the Use of the English Present Perfect
This article examines developments in the use of the present perfect (PP) with the auxiliary have in standard British and American English from 1750 to the present day, drawing data from the dramaExpand
The English progressive as picture description
Abstract It is a tradition in linguistics to distinguish standard uses and non-standard uses of the English progressive aspect. Although this distinction is important and should be explained by anyExpand
The influence of linguistic temporal organization on children’s understanding of temporal terms and concepts
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On the Raison D’être of the Present Perfect, with Special Reference to the English Grammeme
The present perfect is a mystery and most linguists agree that its definitions are inadequate. The paper deals with two major issues: (i) what is its second meaning, beside the temporal one; (ii)Expand
1 Tense and Choice Functions
In this paper, I argue against the two major approaches to the semantics of tense: the quantificational approach and the referential approach. The difference between them lies in the fact that theExpand
Lexical, morphological and syntactic symbolization
Languages offer a variety of means of expression, especially for grammatical notions. Morphology, which is concerned with the combination of meaningful units into words, can only be fully understoodExpand
Is there a finite vs. nonfinite distinction in Chinese
Some special devices are designed to test the existence of the finiteness of a Chinese clause, though Chinese evidently fails to meet the general conditions on finiteness. These tests include theExpand


Word and Object
This edition offers a new preface by Quine's student and colleague Dagfinn Follesdal that describes the never-realized plans for a second edition of Word and Object, in which Quine would offer a more unified treatment of the public nature of meaning, modalities, and propositional attitudes. Expand
From Space to Time in Tenses in Kiksht
  • D. Hymes
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1975
1 This article began with the problem and hypothesis presented in 5, while I was working on Wasco-Wishram with Hiram Smith and Philip Kahclamet at Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon in the summer ofExpand
A unified analysis of the English bare plural
It is argued that the English ‘bare plural’ (an NP with plural head that lacks a determiner), in spite of its apparently diverse possibilities of interpretation, is optimally represented in theExpand
Generic terms and generic sentences
  • G. Carlson
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Philos. Log.
  • 1982
It is hoped that the problems mentioned above will highlight the relevance of semantic analysis to other apparently distinct questions, and focus attention on the importance of linguistic problems to other already established areas of inquiry. Expand
Two Theories of Adjectives
A solids-agitating insert for double-ended, invertible tanks including flexible X-members the ends of which are flexed together for insertion through one end-aperture of the tank and retained in theExpand
A Unified Temporal Theory of Tense and Aspect in Tense and Aspect. Ed. by Philip Tedeschi and Annie Zaenen.
Elaboration d'une theorie temporelle unifiee du temps grammatical et de l'aspect verbal dans les systemes flexionnels des langues naturelles, selon le modele a trois points de Hans Reichenbach.
Linguistic communication as action and cooperation : a study in pragmatics
1 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Ways of doing linguistics 1 1.2 Linguistic theory and pragmatics 1 1.3 An outline of the thesis 2 1.4 Methodology 3 2 ACTION 5 2.1 Action and behavior 5 2.2 Reasons, groundsExpand
Explorations in semantic theory
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Temporal distance: remoteness distinctions in tense-aspect systems
Introduction Mais parce que dans le passe, on peut marquer que la chose ne vient que d'estre faite, ou indefiniment qu'elle a este faite: De l il est arrive que dans la pluspart des_ LanguesExpand
Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution
Preface Introduction 1. The data, hypothesis, and general findings 2. Evolution of basic color terms 3. The data 4. Summary of results and some speculations Appendix I Appendix II Appendix IIIExpand