Tense and agreement impairment in Ibero-Romance.

  title={Tense and agreement impairment in Ibero-Romance.},
  author={Anna Gavarr{\'o} and Silvia Mart{\'i}nez-Ferreiro},
  journal={Journal of psycholinguistic research},
  volume={36 1},
We examine the inflectional productions of seven Catalan, seven Galician, and seven Spanish speaking agrammatic subjects in an elicitation and a sentence repetition task and consider them in the light of the Tree Pruning Hypothesis (TPH). The results show relatively spared subject person/number agreement with the verb and impaired tense marking for all subjects in all the languages. Recent reformulations of syntactic theory [Chomsky (1999) MIT Occasional Papers in Linguistics (vol. 18). MA: The… CONTINUE READING