Tendências ambientais e genéticas para caracteristicas produtivas de bovinos da raça Nelore

  title={Tend{\^e}ncias ambientais e gen{\'e}ticas para caracteristicas produtivas de bovinos da raça Nelore},
  author={J{\'u}lio C{\'e}sar de Souza and L. O. C. Silva and Gilberto Henrique Sim{\~o}es and Juliana Toscano Moser and Juliane Ostapechen and Pedro Henrique Nicolau Pinto and Viviane Ruviero and Carlos Henrrique Mendes Malhado and Paulo Bahiense Ferraz Filho and Jos{\'e} Ant{\'o}nio Freitas and Jos{\'e} Robson Bezerra Sereno},
The objective this work were estimates the genetic parameters, direct an maternal effects to pre weaning gain and days to gain 160 kg, daily average gain after weaning and days to gain 240 kg after weaning and evaluated the genetic and environmental trends in Nellore cattle. The estimates of variances components and genetic values were made with MTDFREML program, animal model. The model used to pre weaning estimates was included the random effects direct and maternal and the correlations… CONTINUE READING

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