Tenagodrilus musculus, a new genus and species of Lumbriculidae (Clitellata) from a temporary pond in Alabama, USA

  title={Tenagodrilus musculus, a new genus and species of Lumbriculidae (Clitellata) from a temporary pond in Alabama, USA},
  author={Marianne C. Eckroth and Ralph O. Brinkhurst},
A new hyporheic lumbriculid clitellate, Tenagodrilus musculus g.n., sp.n. from Huntsville, Alabama, USA is described. The plan of the reproductive system is plesiomorphic, as in Stylodrilus and other genera, but there is a pair of pendant penes like those of Lumbriculus. The massive penial and spermathecal pores open into deep sacs, and the penial musculature is both complex and unique. The posterior segments have commissural vessels with elaborate blind-ending lateral processes. In developing… 
Eremidrilus n. gen. (Annelida, Clitellata, Lumbriculidae) and new species from California, U.S.A.
A new Nearctic lumbriculid genus, Eremidrilus, includes four new California species (E. elegans, E. coyote, E. ritocsi, and E. felini) plus the new combination of Trichodrilus allegheniensis Cook,
Sylphella puccoon gen. n., sp. n. and two additional new species of aquatic oligochaetes (Lumbriculidae, Clitellata) from poorly-known lotic habitats in North Carolina (USA)
Streams and wetlands of Southeastern USA have a remarkably high diversity of endemic lumbriculids, and these poorly-known invertebrates should be considered in conservation efforts.
Taxonomy of Aquatic Oligochaetes
This chapter provides the reader and those studying oligochaetes some general background on the basic anatomy, morphology and taxonomy of the group and gives the reader the latest taxonomic status and explains some of the issues on nomenclature and classification.
Global panorama of studies about freshwater oligochaetes: main trends and gaps
Freshwater oligochaetes have been studied over the years in a wide range of habitats around the world. To analyse the data published about freshwater oligochaetes in the 31 year period between 1985
Limnological Characterization of Volcanic Crater Lakes on Uvea Island (Wallis and Futuna, South Pacific)1
Abstract: Species composition and vertical distribution of planktonic organisms in Lakes Lalolalo, Lanutavake, and Lano on the Pacific island of Uvea were investigated in relation to
The relative sensitivity of four benthic invertebrates to metals in spiked‐sediment exposures and application to contaminated field sediment
Test responses in the field-collected sediment do not support causality by Cu, a suspected toxicant based on comparison of sediment chemistry with sediment quality guidelines, and survival can be used to distinguish between toxicity caused by different metals.
Index to Hydrobiologia Volumes 251-384 (1993-1999)


A phylogenetic analysis of the Lumbriculidae (Annelida, Oligochaeta)
Though the Lumbriculidae is a monotypic taxon including Kurenkovia, there is no support from cladistic analyses for the Kurenkovidae. The unusual nature of the vasa deferentia, which run between the
A preliminary review of the taxonomic characters used for the systematics of the genus Trichodrilus Claparède (Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae)
A key to the species of the genus Trichodrilus is provided, emphasising such structural characters, and taxonomic value of structural traits is strengthened against characters related to size.
Morphology of some species of the genus Aulodrilus Bretscher
Besides the peculiar “wings” on bifid setae, dominance of asexual reproduction is regarded as a primary synapomorphy of the genus and is accompanied by an anterior shift of the whole reproductive system and a tendency to doubling the gonads.
Description of a new Lumbriculus species (Oligochaeta, Lumbriculidae) from the Russian Far-East
Lumbriculus illex n.sp. de la riviere Komarovka au nord de Vladivostok est decrit. Il differe de tous ses congeneres par ses soies a pointe simple et une tres longue ampoule de la spermatheque. L.
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