Ten years of the journal, Aquatic Ecology: an appraisal


Aquatic Ecology recently completed a decade of publication from the time it was reorganised and its name was changed. I think it is long enough time for both a stocktaking and to have a retrospective look at the developments, and for the future perspectives. In March 1997, the name of the Netherlands Journal of Aquatic Ecology was changed to Aquatic Ecology (Vol.31, 1). As a member of the executive committee of the Netherlands Society for Aquatic Ecology (NVAE; now the Netherlands-Flemish Ecology Society, NecoV), I consistently pleaded for reforms comprising restructuring of the journal not only by changing its name but also by redefining the journal’s scientific scope, and inducing changes in the editorial procedures. The main aim of these suggested changes was to attract more and better quality manuscripts, and improve the review procedures. To achieve these goals, the journal’s distribution world-wide and global readership needed to be expanded. These planned changes made it imperative to simultaneously look for a good, international scientific publisher in aquatic science. Kluwer Academic Publishers (now Springer), Dordrecht, was the obvious first choice. We were successful in our discussions with the publishers. Thus, the appearance in 1997 of Volume 31(1) of Aquatic Ecology in the Netherlands marked the start of a new era for the journal. A new start

DOI: 10.1007/s10452-007-9099-x

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