Ten years of experience with the submental flap.

  title={Ten years of experience with the submental flap.},
  author={Vincent Pistre and Philippe P{\'e}lissier and Dominique Martin and Aymeric Lim and Jacques Baudet},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={108 6},
This article describes the authors' experience with the submental flap over the past 10 years. A brief review of the key points and some refinements in the operative technique are discussed. The results concern 31 patients with a mean age of 57 years. All flaps were pedicled except two. One case of composite flap with bone was used. The mean size of the flap was 11.8 x 5.5 cm, and the mean postoperative stay was 11.1 days. Complications encountered were one case of temporary palsy of the… CONTINUE READING

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