Ten-year results of tibial osteotomy for medial gonarthrosis


The results in relation to the correction achieved 1 year after surgery of a series of tibial osteotomies in 50 patients (52 knees) are presented with a total observation time of 10 years. Mean age at the time of osteotomy was 56 years. Overcorrected knees had a significantly better result after 10 years. Progress of gonarthrosis occured in 6/34 overcorrected knees compared with 3/4 in the normo- and undercorrected group. One out of 34 overcorrected knees recurred in varus. Five knees were revised by knee arthroplasty or reosteotomy, one of which was overcorrected.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00393883

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