Ten reasons to exclude viruses from the tree of life

  title={Ten reasons to exclude viruses from the tree of life},
  author={David Moreira and P. L{\'o}pez-Garc{\'i}a},
  journal={Nature Reviews Microbiology},
  • David Moreira, P. López-García
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Reviews Microbiology
  • When viruses were discovered, they were accepted as missing links between the inert world and living organisms. However, this idea was soon abandoned as information about their molecular parasitic nature accumulated. Recently, the notion that viruses are living organisms that have had a role in the evolution of some essential features of cells has experienced a renaissance owing to the discovery of unusually large and complex viruses that possess typical cellular genes. Here, we contend that… CONTINUE READING
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