Ten Myths of Internet Art

  title={Ten Myths of Internet Art},
  author={Jon Ippolito},
This article identifies ten myths about Internet Art, and explains the difficulties museums and others have understanding what it means to make art for the Internet. In identifying these common misconceptions, the author offers insight on successful online works, provides inspiration to Internet artists, and explains that geographical location does not measure success when making art for the Internet. The article also mentions that the World Wide Web is only one of the many parts that make up… 
Mediating Internet Art - Curatorial Modes In Tangible and Virtual Domains
This dissertation examines Internet Art and its mediation efforts. As a practice with now more than 20 years of existence, Internet Art is still greatly marginalized from art institutional settings
Today, alienation of the art and technology has come to an end and inevitable movement of the world toward digital culture has also affected the art. In the current study, two internet-based artworks
Lessons from Internet Art about Life with the Internet
Internet has been incorporated into our lives for almost two decades now. Within this time, it has proven itself to be so much more than a new technology for a new machine or “a medium of mediums.”
Exploring the Potentials and Challenges of Virtual Distribution of Contemporary Art
This paper explores the potentials and perils of the distribution of visual art in the virtual realm. Beginning with a mapping of the interplay between artistic practice and computer technology, I
A Dream of Digital Art
Today, many artists work on computers and periphera l devices. How can their works be categorized as art? What should their works be call d? How do we define this art form? In this philosophical
The internet of art as a site for learning and fun - Playful experiences through augmented geocaching
This case study presents an example of interactive and participatory forms of the Internet of Art and demonstrates how augmented techniques can be used to transform the physical surroundings in order to create a hybrid game-world suited for learning and fun.
The Unending Lives of Net-Based Artworks: Web Archives, Browser Emulators, and New Conceptual Frameworks By: Colin Post Post, Colin. 2017. "The Unending Lives of Net-Based Artworks: Web Archives, Browser
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Research into net-based artworks is an undertaking divergent from much prior art historical scholarship. While most objects of art history are stable analog works, largely in museum collections,
The transformative nature of networks within contemporary art practice
Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1991, it has had a significant impact on contemporary art. As a consequence, however, networks are almost exclusively considered as technologically
Cultural interface as an approach to new media art education
Issues of new media within art education practices are heightened by the pervasive and often invisible infusion of digital technologies and reliance on the Internet in everyday work and leisure
Mapping utopian art: alternative political imaginaries in new media art (2008-2015)
This thesis investigates the proliferation of alternative political imaginaries in the Web-based art produced during the global financial crisis of 2008 and its aftermath (2008- 2015), with a