Temporomandibular pain and depression in adolescents—a case–control study

  title={Temporomandibular pain and depression in adolescents—a case–control study},
  author={Calvin Hirsch and Jens Christoph T{\"u}rp},
  journal={Clinical Oral Investigations},
This study compared the depression status of adolescents with temporomandibular (TM) pain to those without, considering the influence of age, sex, and other pain conditions. From a general population sample of 455 adolescents, 29 cases (mean age, 15.3 years) with current TM pain were compared with 44 age-matched controls without such pain. Study participants were examined for general health status, additional pain sites (back, abdomen, and head) in the previous month, and depression, using a 15… CONTINUE READING