Temporomandibular joint arthrography without fluoroscopy.


An arthrographic technique for the temporomandibular joint that can be performed in a dental surgical room is described. This technique utilizes a dental radiographic unit and extraoral cassettes for visualization of the needle tip in the inferior synovial space for arthrography. The radiographic visualization is combined with tactile discernment of the needle tip on the mandibular condyle. The successful application of these two methods makes fluoroscopy unnecessary. After an initial success rate of 81% (34 of 42 attempts), we have used the technique successfully in more than 100 cases. Most of the problems encountered with this technique can be attributed to initial operator inexperience. This technique is not suggested as a replacement for fluoroscopy. However, it is a convenient, economical technique that can be used in the dental surgical room by trained clinicians when arthrography is indicated to determine meniscal-condylar relationships and meniscal perforations.

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