Temporary thoracoscopic sympathetic block for hyperhidrosis.

  title={Temporary thoracoscopic sympathetic block for hyperhidrosis.},
  author={Daniel L. Miller and Seth Daniel Force},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={85 4},
  pages={1211-4; discussion 1215-6}
BACKGROUND Compensatory hyperhidrosis (CH) is the most common side effect after a thoracoscopic sympathectomy. The fear of CH is the most common reason why patients do not undergo a sympathectomy, because it is an irreversible procedure unless removal clips are used. Unfortunately, clip removal for reversal of postsympathectomy CH has not been reliable. To address this issue, we developed a new technique of a temporary thoracoscopic sympathetic block that can hopefully predict if… CONTINUE READING


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