Temporary Three Pruning for Overcrowded Pecan Orchards

  title={Temporary Three Pruning for Overcrowded Pecan Orchards},
  author={Ray E. Worley},
  • R. Worley
  • Published 1 April 1993
  • Mathematics
  • Horttechnology
0 vercrowding of pecan [Carya i l l i n o e n s i s ( W a n g e n h . ) C . Koch] orchards is a serious problem throughout the pecan belt (Worley, 1991). Most orchards with spacings <80 ft (24 m) eventually will require thinning. Many attempts have been made to extend the production period of overcrowded orchards with pruning (Worley, 199 1). Thinning by complete removal of alternate diagonal rows is often practiced, but this reduces yield until remaining permanent trees fill the open spaces… 

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