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Temporal-spatial variations,origin and their tectonic significance of the Late Mesozoic granites in the Qinling,Central China

  title={Temporal-spatial variations,origin and their tectonic significance of the Late Mesozoic granites in the Qinling,Central China},
  author={Wang Xiao and Mlr Key},
  journal={Acta Petrologica Sinica},
Zircon U-Pb dating for three large granitoid batholiths,geochemical and Hf isotope analyses for two of them have been carried out in the different blocks of the Qinling.Zircon dating by LA-ICPMS for the Lantian granitoid in the southern margin of the North China Block gives an age of 133±1Ma.The granitoids show whole-rock eNd(t)=-11.8~-18.3,zircon eHf(t)=-37.7~-5.7.The Muhuguan and the Mangling granitoids in the North Qinling orogen yield zircon LA-ICPMS and SHRIMP age of 150±1Ma and 149±2Ma… 
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