Temporal regulation of Ath5 gene expression during eye development.

  title={Temporal regulation of Ath5 gene expression during eye development.},
  author={Minde I Willardsen and Arminda Suli and Yi Pan and Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong and Chi-Bin Chien and Heithem M El-Hodiri and Nadean L Brown and Kathryn B. Moore and Monica L. Vetter},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={326 2},
During central nervous system development the timing of progenitor differentiation must be precisely controlled to generate the proper number and complement of neuronal cell types. Proneural basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors play a central role in regulating neurogenesis, and thus the timing of their expression must be regulated to ensure that they act at the appropriate developmental time. In the developing retina, the expression of the bHLH factor Ath5 is controlled by… CONTINUE READING


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