Temporal gliosarcoma with extraneural metastasis: case report.

  title={Temporal gliosarcoma with extraneural metastasis: case report.},
  author={Daisuke Maeda and Takahito Miyazawa and Terushige Toyooka and Katsuji Shima},
  journal={Neurologia medico-chirurgica},
  volume={50 4},
A 51-year-old woman presented with a rare case of temporal gliosarcoma manifesting as a 2-month history of headache that rapidly penetrated the middle fossa floor postoperatively and metastasized to the lung. The tumor included an anteroinferior component consisting of a sarcomatous lesion adjacent to the middle fossa floor, and a posterosuperior component consisting of a gliomatous lesion. The MIB-1 index of the sarcomatous component was 47.5%, and that of the gliomatous component was 36.5… CONTINUE READING