Temporal evolution of sediment supply in Lago Puyehue (Southern Chile) during the last 600 yr and its climatic significance

  title={Temporal evolution of sediment supply in Lago Puyehue (Southern Chile) during the last 600 yr and its climatic significance},
  author={S{\'e}bastien Bertrand and Xavier Bo{\"e}s and Julie Castiaux and Francois Charlet and Roberto Urrutia and C. E. Ojeda Espinoza and Gilles Lepoint and Bernard Charlier and Nathalie Fagel},
  journal={Quaternary Research},
  pages={163 - 175}
Abstract Short-term climate changes in Southern Chile are investigated by a multi-proxy analysis of a 53-cm-long sedimentary sequence selected among eight short cores retrieved in Lago Puyehue (Chile, 40°S). This core contains a 600-yr-long undisturbed record of paleo-precipitation changes. Two measurement methods for sediment density, organic matter and biogenic silica contents are compared and the most appropriate techniques are selected. Together with aluminium and titanium concentrations… Expand
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