Temporal evolution of sediment supply in Lago Puyehue (Southern Chile) during the last 600 yr and its climatic significance

  title={Temporal evolution of sediment supply in Lago Puyehue (Southern Chile) during the last 600 yr and its climatic significance},
  author={S{\'e}bastien Bertrand and Xavier Bo{\"e}s and Julie Castiaux and Francois Charlet and Roberto Urrutia and C. E. Ojeda Espinoza and Gilles Lepoint and Bernard Charlier and Nathalie Fagel},
  journal={Quaternary Research},
  pages={163 - 175}

Climate variability of southern Chile since the Last Glacial Maximum: a continuous sedimentological record from Lago Puyehue (40°S)

This paper presents a multi-proxy climate record of an 11 m long core collected in Lago Puyehue (southern Chile, 40°S) and extending back to 18,000 cal yr BP. The multi-proxy analyses include

Late Holocene Paleonvironmental Evolution of Two Coastal Lakes in Mediterranean Chile and Its Implications for Conservation Planning

Paleolimnological reconstructions from the mid and high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere are still relatively scarce. Anthropogenic impacts have evidenced trophic state changes and an increase in

Late Holocene precipitation variability recorded in the sediments of Reloncaví Fjord (41°S, 72°W), Chile

A 17,900-year multi-proxy lacustrine record of Lago Puyehue (Chilean Lake District): introduction

This paper introduces the background and main results of a research project aimed at unravelling the paleolimnological and paleoclimatological history of Lago Puyehue (40° S, Lake District, Chile)

Physical Limnology and Sediment Dynamics of Lago Argentino, the World's Largest Ice‐Contact Lake

Proglacial lakes, whose numbers have been growing around the world, may drive accelerated glacier retreat and provide valuable records of past glacier and climatic changes. Despite their importance,

Lacustrine sedimentological and geochemical records for the last 170 years of climate and environmental changes in southeastern China

Reconstruction of modern climate and environmental changes in east Asia using inland natural climate archives can provide valuable insights on decadal–multidecadal climate and environmental patterns

Late Holocene environmental changes inferred from diatom, chironomid, and pollen assemblages in an Andean lake in Central Chile, Lake Laja (36°S)

A sediment core encompassing the last 2000 years was extracted from Lake Laja, Chile, (36°54′S, 71°05′W) using an Uwitec drilling platform. The sediment was subsampled for loss on ignition,



Late Holocene climatic changes in Tierra del Fuego based on multiproxy analyses of peat deposits.

Relative and radiocarbon chronology of two former glaciers in the Chilean Lake District

This paper investigates the relative importance of climatic and topographic factors on the fluctuations of two adjacent palaeoglaciers in the Chilean Lake District. Geomorphological mapping of the

Climatic Fluctuations in Northern Patagonia during the Last 1000 Years as Inferred from Tree-Ring Records

  • R. Villalba
  • Environmental Science, Geography
    Quaternary Research
  • 1990

The supply and accumulation of silica in the marine environment