Temporal dynamics of stimulated emission with applications in nuclear quantum optics

  title={Temporal dynamics of stimulated emission with applications in nuclear quantum optics},
  author={Andreas Josef Reichegger and J{\"o}rg Evers},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The temporal dynamics of stimulated emission is studied, with the particular emphasis on stimulated emission induced by x-ray pulses interacting with nuclei. In typical nuclear forward scattering experiments, the short incident x-ray pulse is accompanied by a huge number of off-resonant background photons. This prompts the question, if stimulated emission can be observed in the delayed nuclear scattering signal which is emitted after the incident pulse has passed. We find that the stimulated… 
Coherent X-ray−optical control of nuclear excitons
A method of shaping single pulses delivered by state-of-the-art X-ray facilities into tunable double pulses is presented, and a temporal stability of the phase control on the few-zeptosecond timescale is demonstrated.
Coherent x-ray-optical control of nuclear excitons with zeptosecond phase-stability
Coherent control of quantum dynamics is key to a multitude of fundamental studies and applications alike. In the visible or longer-wavelength domains, near-resonant light fields have become the
X-Ray Quantum Optics With Mössbauer Nuclei In Thin-Film Cavities
In this thesis thin-film cavities with embedded Mossbauer nuclei probed by near-resonant x-ray light are studied from a quantum optical perspective. A theoretical framework is developed and compact


Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science, 2015
The year 2016 saw a most dramatic scientific event in the month of February with the announcement of the observation of gravitational waves by the Advanced LIGO collaboration. This complex experiment
Communications in Mathematical Physics The Pearcey Process
The extended Airy kernel describes the space-time correlation functions for the Airy process, which is the limiting process for a polynuclear growth model. The Airy functions themselves are given by
plexus (SNP), anterior, middle and posterior stromal keratocytes, stromal nerves, endothelial cells with nuclei were visualized with 1.3 mm x 1.3 mm field-of-view using FFOCT. Nuclei had an oval
Laser physics
Principles of Lasers.By O. Svelto. Pp. x + 376. (Plenum: New York and London, 1976.) $30.00.
Classical Electrodynamics
Electrodynamics of Particles and PlasmasBy P. C. Clemmow and J. P. Dougherty. (Addison-Wesley Series in Advanced Physics.) Pp. ix + 457. (Addison-Wesley London, September 1969.) 163s.
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