Temporal cortex participates in spontaneous perceptual reversal.

  title={Temporal cortex participates in spontaneous perceptual reversal.},
  author={Lin Shen and Zhen Zeng and Pei-Yu Huang and Qi Li and Jun Mu and Xiao-qi Huang and Su Lui and Q. Gong and Peng Xie},
  volume={20 7},
The Necker cube is perceived as two distinct three-dimensional forms; participants experience alternation between two mutually exclusive perceptions. Perceptual dominance for one form tends to be maintained when the visual stimulus is intermittently removed. The effect is enhanced with the Necker lattice (an array of Necker cubes). Neural processes underlying perceptual reversal and stabilization are unknown. Functional MRI was used to investigate the brain regions involved. Regional activation… CONTINUE READING

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