Temporal bone carcinoma: contemporary perspectives in the skull base surgical era.


Historically, malignant tumors that arose within the temporal bone or that intimately juxtaposed the petrous ridge portended an ominous prognosis. Perusal of the surgical literature from 1950 to 1975 strongly supports the impression that despite heroic surgical efforts many of these patients sustained significant morbidity and a high mortality rate. This report reviews data accumulated over a 10-year period study from July 1984 to June 1994 that examines the changing clinical approach to these lesions from both a diagnostic and therapeutic perspective. Analysis of data from 46 patients cared for at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is presented with a minimum follow-up of 16 months to a long-term follow-up of 11 years. A management algorithm is presented that reflects our contemporary approach to assessment and management of this select patient population.

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