Temporal and areal feeding behavior of the butterflyfish,Chaetodon trifascialis, at Johnston Atoll

  title={Temporal and areal feeding behavior of the butterflyfish,Chaetodon trifascialis, at Johnston Atoll},
  author={Darby K. Irons},
  journal={Environmental Biology of Fishes},
The chevron butterflyfish,Chaetodon trifascialis, is found throughout the Indo-Pacific. It is a territorial, diurnal, corallivore found in close association withAcropora spp. corals. The feeding behavior of 33 individuals was studied over six seasons in three habitats.Chaetodon trifascialis spent one third of its active time feeding. However, there was much individual variation. Fish had significantly higher feeding rates during the early afternoon, and there were no significant differences in… CONTINUE READING
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