Temporal analysis of grating formation in photopolymer using the nonlocal polymerization-driven diffusion model.

  title={Temporal analysis of grating formation in photopolymer using the nonlocal polymerization-driven diffusion model.},
  author={John V. Kelly and Michael Gleeson and Ciara Close and Feidhlim T. O'Neill and John T. Sheridan and Sergi Gallego and Cristian Neipp},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={13 18},
The nonlocal polymerization-driven diffusion model (NPDD) has been shown to predict high spatial frequency cut-off in photopolymers and to accurately predict higher order grating components. We propose an extension to the NPDD model to account for the temporal response associated with polymer chain growth. An exponential response function is proposed to describe transient effects during the polymerization process. The extended model is then solved using a finite element technique and the nature… CONTINUE READING

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