Temporal Expressions in Swedish Medical Text - A Pilot Study


One of the most important features of health care is to be able to follow a patient’s progress over time and identify events in a temporal order. We describe initial steps in creating resources for automatic temporal reasoning of Swedish medical text. As a first step, we focus on the identification of temporal expressions by exploiting existing resources and systems available for English. We adapt the HeidelTime system and manually evaluate its performance on a small subset of Swedish intensive care unit documents. On this subset, the adapted version of HeidelTime achieves a precision of 92% and a recall of 66%. We also extract the most frequent temporal expressions from a separate, larger subset, and note that most expressions concern parts of days or specific times. We intend to further develop resources for temporal reasoning of Swedish medical text by creating a gold standard corpus also annotated with events and temporal links, in addition to temporal expressions and their normalised values.

DOI: 10.3115/v1/W14-3413

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