Tempo de trânsito intestinal, desempenho, característica de carcaça e composição corporal de frangos de corte alimentados com rações isoenergéticas formuladas com diferentes níveis de óleo de soja

  title={Tempo de tr{\^a}nsito intestinal, desempenho, caracter{\'i}stica de carcaça e composiç{\~a}o corporal de frangos de corte alimentados com raç{\~o}es isoenerg{\'e}ticas formuladas com diferentes n{\'i}veis de {\'o}leo de soja},
  author={Marcelo de Oliveira Andreotti and Otto Mack Junqueira and Maria Jos{\'e} Baptista Barbosa and Luciana Cardoso Cancherini and L{\'u}cio Francelino Ara{\'u}jo and Eliana Aparecida Rodrigues},
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of 0.0, 3.3, 6.6, and 9.9% soybean oil inclusion in isoenergy diets on transit time (TT), performance, carcass characteristics and body composition of broilers from 21 to 56 days of age. The TT was determined at 22 and 42 days of age. Eight hundred and fourty broilers, with initial average weight of 870 g, allotted to a completely randomized design, with four treatments, six replications and 35 broilers per experimental unit, were used in the… CONTINUE READING