Template-directed DNA photoligation via alpha-5-cyanovinyldeoxyuridine.


[reaction: see text] We describe an efficient template-directed photoligation of oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) using alpha-5-cyanovinyldeoxyuridine (alpha(C)U). An efficient photoligation was produced by photoirradiation of an ODN containing alpha(C)U at the 3' end with an ODN containing thymine at the 5' end in the presence of a template ODN. This… (More)


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@article{Ogino2005TemplatedirectedDP, title={Template-directed DNA photoligation via alpha-5-cyanovinyldeoxyuridine.}, author={Masayuki Ogino and Yoshinaga Yoshimura and Akio Nakazawa and Isao Saito and Kenzo Fujimoto}, journal={Organic letters}, year={2005}, volume={7 14}, pages={2853-6} }