Temperature-sensitive transforming mutants of the v-rel oncogene.


By making site-directed mutations in the avian retroviral oncogene v-rel, we created two temperature-sensitive (ts) transforming mutants; these changes were analogous to mutations previously shown to confer a ts function onto the Dorsal protein of Drosophila melanogaster. Chicken spleen cells infected with the ts v-rel mutants formed colonies in agar at 36.5 degrees C but not at 41.5 degrees C. In addition, spleen cells derived from the ts v-rel-transformed colonies could be propagated in liquid culture at 36.5 degrees C but rapidly senesced at 41.5 degrees C. Both mutant v-Rel proteins were also ts for DNA binding in vitro. These mutants may be valuable for identifying genes directly regulated by v-rel.

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