Temperature rises beneath resin composite restorations during curing.

  title={Temperature rises beneath resin composite restorations during curing.},
  author={Shlomo Matalon and Hagay Slutzky and Nadav Wassersprung and Iris Goldberg-Slutzky and Ariel Ben-Amar},
  journal={American journal of dentistry},
  volume={23 4},
PURPOSE To compare the thermal conductivity of two different composite materials, with five light-cure units, in a series of different material thicknesses and light source distances. METHODS Two commonly used resin composite restorative materials and three light emitting diodes (LED), one halogen, and one plasma arc lights were selected. The thermal conductivity of the composite materials with different light curing units (LCU) was measured and compared. A K-type thermocouple and digital… CONTINUE READING