Temperature resistance studies on the deep-sea vent shrimp Mirocaris fortunata

  title={Temperature resistance studies on the deep-sea vent shrimp Mirocaris fortunata},
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  • B. Shillito, N. Le Bris, +5 authors F. Gaill
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Experimental Biology
  • SUMMARY The shrimp Mirocaris fortunata is a hydrothermal vent species that is found at most vent-sites along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This endemic species is found across a hydrothermal gradient, with thermal conditions ranging from 2–9°C in ambient seawater to fairly warm values of about 25°C. We performed in vivo experiments on M. fortunata specimens originating from different sites and depths (850 m to 2300 m), both at atmospheric pressure and in pressurized aquaria, to characterise the upper… CONTINUE READING
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