Temperature - pressure phase diagram of CeCoSi: Pressure induced high-temperature phase

  title={Temperature - pressure phase diagram of CeCoSi: Pressure induced high-temperature phase},
  author={Ernst Lengyel and Michael Nicklas and Nubia Caroca-Canales and Christoph Geibel},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We have studied the temperature-pressure phase diagram of CeCoSi by electrical-resistivity experiments under pressure. Our measurements revealed a very unusual phase diagram. While at low pressures no dramatic changes and only a slight shift of the Ne\'{e}l temperature $T_N$ ($\approx 10$ K) are observed, at about 1.45 GPa a sharp and large anomaly, indicative of the opening of a spin-density-wave (SDW) gap, appears at a comparatively high temperature $T_S \approx 38$ K. With further increasing… Expand

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