Temperature-insensitive fiber Bragg grating accelerometer

  title={Temperature-insensitive fiber Bragg grating accelerometer},
  author={Yinian Zhu and Ping Shum and Chao Lu and B M Lacquet and P. L. Swart and S. J. Spammer},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
A cantilever beam and fiber Bragg grating is used to measure acceleration. The cantilever induces strain on the grating, resulting in a Bragg wavelength modification that is subsequently detected. The output signal is insensitive to temperature variations and for a temperature change from -20/spl deg/C to 40/spl deg/C, the output signal fluctuated less than 5% without any temperature compensation schemes. Because the accelerometer does not utilize expensive and complex demodulation techniques… CONTINUE READING
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