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Temperature influence on road traffic noise - Californian OBSI measurement study

  title={Temperature influence on road traffic noise - Californian OBSI measurement study},
  author={Hans Bendtsen and Qing Lu and Erwin Kohler},
International experiences indicate that the temperature is a factor which has some influence on the results of measurements of road traffic noise.The On Board Sound Intensity method (OBSI) is used by University of Cali-fornia Pavement Research Center (UCPRC) as well as by other researchers and consultants in USA to perform detailed measurements of tire noise emission from road pavements.In Europe the Close Proximity method (CPX) is currently used.The objective of this project is to analyze how… 
According to the Directive 2002/49/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 25 June 2002 relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise, a road traffic noise evaluation should
Temperature and Aging Effects on Tire/Pavement Noise Generation in Ontarian Road Pavements
Tire/pavement noise is caused by a complex set of interactions in the contact patch. Managing pavement surfaces and materials has been an effective strategy for noise mitigation, because it is often
Acoustic aging of asphalt pavements
The purpose of this project is to contribute to the ongoing international development in the field of acoustical ag-ing of tire/pavement interactions by performing a comprehensive analysis of some
Evaluation of Temperature Effects for Onboard Sound Intensity Measurements
As a portion of the overall research work for NCHRP Project 1–44, an examination of temperature effects on the onboard sound intensity method of measuring tire–pavement noise at the source was
State-of-the-Art Review on Sustainable Design and Construction of Quieter Pavements—Part 2: Factors Affecting Tire-Pavement Noise and Prediction Models
Traffic noise is a combination of noises produced from a number of sources. Of all the traffic noise sources, tire-pavement noise, which is emitted as a result of the interaction of rolling,
Temperature Effects on the Correlations between Tire-Pavement Noises and Pavement Surface Characteristics
The correlations between tire-pavement noises and pavement surface characteristics have been investigated for many decades, but temperature effects on these correlations are not clear yet. The
Acoustic Aging of Asphalt Pavements: A Californian /Danish Comparison
The level of noise generated by tire/pavement interaction of a pavement section changes over time. While the general consensus is that the noise level tends to increase as the pavement ages, more
Quieter Pavement Research: Concrete Pavement Tire Noise
This research report presents the results of tire/pavement noise measurements performed on concrete pavements and bridge decks as a part of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Investigation of Noise, Ride Quality and Macrotexture Trends for Asphalt Pavement Surfaces: Summary of Six Years of Measurements
This report presents six years of collected tire/pavement noise, ride quality, macrotexture, and other field data gathered on California pavements surfaced with four typical California Department of
Concrete Pavement Tire Noise: Third-Year Results
Tire/pavement noise characteristics on concrete pavements were investigated. The On-board Sound Intensity (OBSI) method was used to measure tire/pavement noise. Eighty-three pavement sections were


Further development of the sound intensity method of measuring tire noise performance of in-situ pavements.
SUMMARY Through analysis of earlier research and some recent on-road testing it is demonstrated that, with adequate precaution, accurate measurement of tire/pavement noise using on-board sound
Measuring Tire–Pavement Noise at the Source
This report presents a suggested procedure for measuring the tire–pavement noise at the source. The procedure uses the on-board sound intensity (OBSI) method that was found to be the preferred
Highway Noise Abatement: Planning Tools and Danish Examples
This report presents a series of methods implemented in Denmark and other European countries for the assessment and control of the impacts of highway noise on the neighboring public. It introduces
Comparative Measurements of Tire/Pavement Noise in Europe and the United States: A Summary of the NITE Study
Pavements in four European countries were measured for their tire noise performance in a manner identical to that done in the States of California and Arizona. This allowed the comparison of
Optimized thin layers - urban roads - the Kastrup experiment
The objective of the SILENCE Working Package WP F.2 (New production technologies for surfaces on urban main roads), is to develop and test concepts for new noise reducing thin pavements for urban
Summary Report: Investigation of Noise, Durability, Permeability, and Friction Performance Trends for Asphalt Pavement Surface Types: First- and Second-Year Results
This research focused on identifying best practices for selecting asphaltic surfaces. The best practices are based on performance trends that are identified from field measurements for noise,
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