Temperature influence in different orthopaedic saw blades.

  title={Temperature influence in different orthopaedic saw blades.},
  author={S{\"o}ren Toksvig-Larsen and Leif Ryd and Anders Lindstrand},
  journal={The Journal of arthroplasty},
  volume={7 1},
Laboratory tests were carried out on ox bone to evaluate the thermal effect of eight different saw blades while cutting cortical bone. These saw blades represented the usual clinical blades as well as saw blades specially manufactured in an attempt to decrease the temperature. Temperatures between 34 degrees C and 450 degrees C were registered in the saw blades. Only three measurements (of 219 tests) were below 44 degrees-47 degrees C, which is a critical limit for heat-induced bone necrosis… CONTINUE READING

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