Temperature-induced reversal of magnetic interlayer exchange coupling.

  title={Temperature-induced reversal of magnetic interlayer exchange coupling.},
  author={Kristian D{\"o}brich and Marko Wietstruk and Jos{\'e} Emilio Prieto and Franziskus Heigl and O. V. Krupin and Kerstin Starke and G. Kaindl},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 22},
For epitaxial trilayers of the magnetic rare-earth metals Gd and Tb, exchange coupled through a nonmagnetic Y spacer layer, element-specific hysteresis loops were recorded by the x-ray magneto-optical Kerr effect at the rare-earth M5 thresholds. This allowed us to quantitatively determine the strength of interlayer exchange coupling (IEC). In addition to… CONTINUE READING