Temperature impact (up to 200 °C) on performance and reliability of HfO2-based RRAMs

  title={Temperature impact (up to 200 °C) on performance and reliability of HfO2-based RRAMs},
  author={T. Cabout and Luca Perniola and V. Jousseaume and Helen Grampeix and J. F. Nodin and Alain Toffoli and M. Guillermet and E. Jalaguier and Elisa Vianello and Gabriel Molas and Gilles Reimbold and Barbara de Salvo and T. Diokh and Philippe Candelier and Onofrio Pirrotta and Andrea Padovani and Luca Larcher and Marc Bocquet and Christophe Muller},
  journal={2013 5th IEEE International Memory Workshop},
This paper provides an overview of the temperature impact (up to 200 °C) on the electrical behavior of oxide-based RRAM, during forming, low-field resistance reading, SET/RESET, disturb, data retention and endurance. HfO2-RRAM devices (in a 1T1R configuration) integrated in an advanced 65 nm technology are studied for this aim. We show that forming operation is strongly activated in temperature (i.e. -0.5 V per hundred Celsius degree), being much less for SET and RESET voltages (i.e. <; -0.05 V… CONTINUE READING
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