Temperature effects on embryogenesis in Smittia spec. (Diptera, chironomidae): Q10-values of normal development and frequency of “double abdomens” after UV irradiation

  • Klaus Kalthoff
  • Published 1971 in
    Wilhelm Roux' Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der…


1. The effect of different temperatures (8° to 24° C) upon the rate of normal development and upon the frequency of the malformation “double abdomen” in partially UV irradiated eggs ofSmittia was tested. 2. The Q10-value of the rate of normal development increased with decreasing temperature. A value of 1.8 was found between 24° and 20° C, a value of 5.4… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00581802


5 Figures and Tables

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