Temperature effect on inverse intersystem crossing of anthracenes

  title={Temperature effect on inverse intersystem crossing of anthracenes},
  author={Hiroshi Fukumura and Koichi Kikuchi and Kazuhide Koike and Hiroshi Kokubun},
Abstract The temperature and heavy-atom effects on the quantum yield Φ TS of the inverse (T n → S 1 ) intersystem crossing of several anthracenes are studied by the stepwise two-photon excitation technique. The first effect is explained in terms of the relative positions of the S 1 and T 2 levels and the second effect in terms of the spin—orbit coupling between S 1 and T 2 . It was confirmed that the T n → S 1 inverse intersystem crossing occurs from T 2 to S 1 after rapid T n → T 2 internal… CONTINUE READING