Temperature-dependent reversible assembly of taxol-treated microtubules

  title={Temperature-dependent reversible assembly of taxol-treated microtubules},
  author={Christine A. Collins and Richard B Vallee},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={2847 - 2854}
Taxol is a plant alkaloid that binds to and strongly stabilizes microtubules. Taxol-treated microtubules resist depolymerization under a variety of conditions that readily disassemble untreated microtubules. We report here that taxol-treated microtubules can be induced to disassemble by a combination of depolymerizating conditions. Reversible cycles of disassembly and reassembly were carried out using taxol-containing microtubules from calf brain and sea urchin eggs by shifting temperature in… CONTINUE READING


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