Temperature- and length-dependent energetics of formation for polyalanine helices in water: assignment of w(Ala)(n,T) and temperature-dependent CD ellipticity standards.

Length-dependent helical propensities w(Ala)(n,T) at T = 10, 25, and 60 degrees C are assigned from t/c values and NMR 13C chemical shifts for series 1 peptides TrpLys(m)Inp2(t)Leu-Ala(n)(t)LeuInp2Lys(m)NH2, n = 15, 19, and 25, m = 5, in water. Van't Hoff analysis of w(Ala)(n,T) show that alpha-helix formation is primarily enthalpy-driven. For series 2… CONTINUE READING