Temperature and Flow Visualization in a Simulation of the Czochralski Process Using Temperature‐Sensitive Liquid Crystals

  title={Temperature and Flow Visualization in a Simulation of the Czochralski Process Using Temperature‐Sensitive Liquid Crystals},
  author={Jelena Aleksic and Paul Ch. Zielke and Janusz A. Szymczyk},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Abstract: There is no doubt today that thermal and thermocapillary convection play a dominant role in momentum, heat, and mass transfer in the Czochralski crystal growth method. Because of the complexity of the problems, measurements in one point of the volume are not sufficient to illuminate the flow topography or to compare the experimental results with real or numerically simulated data. Therefore, it is of great interest to measure the temperatures and velocities in the whole field in order… 
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