Temperature Based Control of Ventilation System for Optimum Climate in Tomato Greenhouse

  title={Temperature Based Control of Ventilation System for Optimum Climate in Tomato Greenhouse},
  author={N Y Dahlan and Aminuddin Idham Halid and T. Juhana Hashim and SZ Sakimin},
  journal={Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science},
Tomato has been grown successfully in highlands of Malaysia. However, the production does not meet the demand in the large market due to problem related to climate change and lack of smart control mechanism for the tomato crop to grow healthily in the micro climate. Tomato requires optimum temperature to ensure a good quality fruit production especially under greenhouse system environment. This paper presents an optimum control mechanism for ventilation system in a greenhouse to minimize the… 


This study focusses on the development of a low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) system for semispherical solar dryers to dry arabica coffee beans. The temperatures and relative humidity (Rh) of a solar

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A KSR approach based pole placement (PL) hybrid controller to realize an algorithm for the temperature control electrical furnace and results based on Matlab simulation show that the improved algorithm has well produced an optimal estimate of the temperature.



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Greenhouse technology is an efficient and viable option, especially for the sustainable crop production in the regions of adverse climatic conditions. High summer temperature is one of the worst

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Consumption of tomatoes in the United States has reached 4.3 billion pounds each year. When consumers are willing to pay double or triple standard prices for a great tasting, blemish free product,

A wireless sensors network for monitoring environmental variables in a tomato greenhouse

  • M. MancusoF. Bustaffa
  • Computer Science
    2006 IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems
  • 2006
In this project, Sensicast devices are used in order to apply of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in agriculture and particularly that of microclimate monitoring within a greenhouse incorporating sensor nodes in an agricultural ICT infrastructure.

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A real-time mobile intelligent monitoring system which can collect data real time, transfer data automatically and provide remote control via mobile device and demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.

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Greenhouse ventilation involves removing air from inside the greenhouse and replacing it with outside air. The ventilation may be natural (caused by wind and temperature forces) or mechanical

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Tomato production systems and their application to the tropics.

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Key words: tropical lowland climate, tropical lowland greenhouse, plastic greenhouse, near infrared radiation (NIR) reflecting plastic, greenhouse climate model, determinate tomato, crop growth,