Temperature And Pressure Sensitive Coatings

  title={Temperature And Pressure Sensitive Coatings},
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Keywords: Measurement Techniques ; Turbomachinery ; GTT ; LTT Note: R. Liebe (Editor) Reference LTT-CHAPTER-2006-001 Record created on 2007-04-18, modified on 2016-08-08 
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Novel two-dimensional phosphor thermography by decay-time method using a low frame-rate CMOS camera
Abstract In this research, a novel, precise and cost-effective method of 2-dimensional (2D) temperature measurement based on lifetime technique is introduced without using a high-speed camera. TheExpand


Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP) and Transient Liquid Crystal Technique (TLC) for Measurements of Film Cooling Performances
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We have used the pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) intensity and lifetime methods for basic research and PSP measurements in wind tunnels and turbomachines, to investigate and understand the qualitativeExpand
The measurement of local heat transfer coefficients in blade cooling geometries
Mesure des coefficients de transfert de chaleur locaux dans le cas de refroidissement d'aubages
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Gas Temperature Measurement in Internal Cooling Passages
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