Temminck's Gallus giganteus; a gigantic obstacle to Darwin's theory of domesticated fowl origin?

  title={Temminck's Gallus giganteus; a gigantic obstacle to Darwin's theory of domesticated fowl origin?},
  author={Hein van Grouw and W. J. M. Dekkers},
  journal={Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club},
  pages={321 - 334}
Summary. In 1813, based on the single foot of a large chicken, Temminck named a ‘new' species of junglefowl, Gallus giganteus. He considered this ‘species’ the ancestor of several large domesticated chicken breeds and believed it was one of six wild ancestral species of domestic fowl. Temminck's hypothesis was rejected by Blyth who thought Red Junglefowl G. gallus was the sole ancestor. The arrival into Britain of several very large Asian chicken breeds in the mid-19th century led to… Expand
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  • B. Tegetmeier, 14 January 1856. Darwin Correspondence Project, letter no.
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