Telomere length measurement by Q-FISH.

  title={Telomere length measurement by Q-FISH.},
  author={Predrag Slijepcevic},
  journal={Methods in cell science : an official journal of the Society for In Vitro Biology},
  volume={23 1-3},
Telomeres are essential functional elements of eukaryotic chromosomes involved in genome stability maintenance. The most important indicator of correct telomere function is telomere length maintenance within the range typical for each species. Telomere length can be estimated by the classical methodology based on Southern blot. However, this methodology is relatively crude and can provide estimate of average telomere length only. To overcome disadvantages of classical telomere length estimate… CONTINUE READING

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Dr. Th. Bihari Singh, Dr. Udayan Majumder, Dr. Ashutosh Dash

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