Telomere instability in a human cancer cell line.

  title={Telomere instability in a human cancer cell line.},
  author={Carl N. Sprung and Golnar Afshar and Elizabeth Chavez and Peter Lansdorp and Laure Sabatier and John P. Murnane},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={429 2},
Telomere maintenance is essential in immortal cancer cells to compensate for DNA lost from the ends of chromosomes, to prevent chromosome fusion, and to facilitate chromosome segregation. However, the high rate of fusion of chromosomes near telomeres, termed telomere association, in many cancer cell lines has led to the proposal that some cancer cells may not efficiently perform telomere maintenance. Deficient telomere maintenance could play an important role in cancer because telomere… CONTINUE READING


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