Telomerase recruitment requires both TCAB1 and Cajal bodies independently.

  title={Telomerase recruitment requires both TCAB1 and Cajal bodies independently.},
  author={Joshua L Stern and Katherine G Zyner and Hilda A Pickett and Scott B. Cohen and Tracy M Bryan},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={32 13},
The ability of most cancer cells to grow indefinitely relies on the enzyme telomerase and its recruitment to telomeres. In human cells, recruitment depends on the Cajal body RNA chaperone TCAB1 binding to the RNA subunit of telomerase (hTR) and is also thought to rely on an N-terminal domain of the catalytic subunit, hTERT. We demonstrate that coilin, an essential structural component of Cajal bodies, is required for endogenous telomerase recruitment to telomeres but that overexpression of… CONTINUE READING
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