Telomerase activity in gastric cancer.

  title={Telomerase activity in gastric cancer.},
  author={Eiso Hiyama and Takashi Yokoyama and Naokuni Tatsumoto and Keiko Hiyama and Yuuji Imamura and Yoshihiro Murakami and Takashi Kodama and Mieczyslaw A. Piatyszek and Jerry W Shay and Yusuke Matsuura},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={55 15},
Although many genetic alterations have been reported in gastric cancer, it is not known whether all gastric tumors are capable of indefinite proliferative potential, e.g., immortality. The expression of telomerase and stabilization of telomeres are concomitant with the attainment of immortality in tumor cells; thus, the measurement of telomerase activity in clinically obtained tumor samples may provide important information useful both as a diagnostic marker to detect immortal cancer cells in… CONTINUE READING
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